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• Murder / Homicide• Drug & firearms crimes• Kidnapping• Rape / Sexual assault• Aggravated assault• Robbery• Disorderly conduct• Vandalism• Trespassing• Simple assault• Shoplifting

When facing criminal charges, there are many actions and decisions that need to be made early in your case. Criminal charges may be filed from alleged offenses, from simple speeding tickets to complex homicide, assault, theft or embezzlement issues. From minor misdemeanors to complicated felonies, the gathering of evidence, interviewing witnesses and protecting your rights needs to begin as quickly after your arrest as possible.

Lance Rollo has a proven track record of aggressively defending West Virginia clients against all types of criminal charges. His skill and experience in criminal defense has resulted in hundreds of reduced sentences and overturned convictions resulting from a lack of evidence or improper actions.

With criminal charges, your freedom and liberty are at stake. And many decisions need to be made regarding the processing of your case. An attorney, experienced in criminal matters should be aware of the frequent changes in the law that others might overlook. They should have incisive courtroom skills and trial experience so they are experienced with the system’s procedures. Most important, they should work tirelessly to uncover and analyze evidence, witness statements and the procedures used to gather both.

Every client of Lance Rollo can expect careful analysis of the evidence, an aggressive and thorough investigation, protection of their constitutional rights and reasonable fees. Regardless of the crime you have been charged with, Lance knows what is at stake with your life, your family’s dependence on you and your future. You should not settle for anything less than a high-quality, powerful criminal defense attorney.

What to expect:

• Prior to formal criminal charges being made by the prosecutor’s office, police authorities must file a report with the prosecutor. That report will summarize the events that may have lead to an arrest along relevant details regarding the location, time, date, and parties involved in the case. Based on this report the prosecutor will decide to set forth the charges and file a complaint with the trail court; provide the evidence to a grand jury; or elect not to pursue the matter. Charges will be filed quickly, as prosecutors have strict timelines and at times must act within days. As a result, your charges could change over time as more evidence is gathered.

• Lance will meet with you to advise you of your rights, explain the charges and begin the process of understanding the evidence. Lance can also help you communicate with authorities and file motions on your behalf. An experience attorney will understand and have experience in the processes and systems of the court, which will help ensure you are provided with strong representation and your rights are afforded you.

• If arrested, or if you are made aware of pending legal action – including criminal charges to be filed against you, contact an attorney as quickly as possible. The costs of quality legal representation will be lower than the damage false criminal charges can do to your reputation, freedom and family’s well-being.

Success stories:

Client was accused of sexual assault at a local hotel. Despite being offered a plea that would see all of his charges dismissed after 12 months, client decided to go to trial to clear his name. Mr. Rollo obtained not one, but two hung juries at trial. After failing to obtain a conviction against Mr. Rollo’s client despite two attempts at trial, the state finally dismissed the case without any conditions.

Frequently asked questions:

What should I look for when hiring an attorney? – Most importantly, you should look for an attorney that you trust. That person is going to be your advisor, confidante, and voice in the courtroom. If you feel that a potential attorney is more interested in talking about himself or herself than listening to your concerns, keep looking. The right attorney will care about you and your case – not just your ability to pay.

How do I know what evidence the State has against me? – After charges are filed, the District Attorney’s office requests that all reports related to your case be turned over to them by the investigating law enforcement agency. These reports and additional information – known as discovery – is then made available to you and your attorney. We will pick up discovery and make that information available to you so that you have the opportunity to review that information with us.

I’ve been charged with a crime. Am I going to jail? – Unfortunately, the answer is never cut and dry. No attorney can promise you a particular result, as that is always up to the judge. Lance Rollo will evaluate the facts of your case, review any criminal history you may have, and look at the crime that you are charged with so that you have a full understanding of what is at stake.

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