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How can a trial lawyer benefit my case?

Experience in the courtroom is advantageous because of the lawyer’s increased ability to properly argue for your best interests in front of the judge to obtain a beneficial result. With a strong legal understanding of the courtroom process, we can approach your case from a knowledgeable perspective. Lance Rollo has demonstrated his skills in the courtroom and displays a unique ability to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each case. As you fight for for your rights, he can prepare a strong, effective argument to obtain the court decision you need.

Will you be the attorney that represents me?

Attorney Lance Rollo is in charge of and involved in every client’s case. As our defense team leader, he can make sure that each client is properly represented and that no stone goes unturned.

What is your primary objective with most cases?

Though dismissal is not possible in every case, our first goal is always to identify and execute a plan for dismissal in your case. Where legal grounds for dismissal exist, we will fight on your behalf to achieve this result.

In cases where dismissal may not be likely, we will still work tirelessly to achieve the best result possible, so that you can move on with your life with the minimal amount of consequences.